Why New Teeth Chicago Dental Implants and Dr. Atcha?

Dr. Atcha along with his team has dedicated his life to dental implants and is an expert in some of the most challenging and complex cases for full jaw dental implants for patients who were previously told they are NOT a good candidate for dental implants due to lack of jaw bone or were told they have too much infection in their mouth to have any dental implants. Dr. Atcha prides on providing facts backed by science not just opinions to his patients for their treatment outcome.  Dr. Atcha along with his team have performed over 10,000 dental implant cases. Patients choose us because they get personalized ONE on ONE care with Dr. Atcha. Our experience, expertise and over all commitment to excellence for each patient is what sets us apart. In addition, here is why our patients choose us:

  • Free One-Hour consultation – in depth approach to your case, review goals and outcomes  and personalized the care for our and give ONE time all-inclusive Fee.
  • Third -Party Financing – With the help of reputable lender patients can fit their care in their budget.
  • A recognized leader in dental implants – from decades of experience and track record with dental implants.
  • Happy patients- we pride ourselves on having the highest satisfied dental implant patients. See our FB, IG and youtube page.
  • Simplified process – ONE Dr, ONE TEAM, ONE FEE. No more running all over town for your dental implant care. Minimally invasive so you can return to normalcy quickly.
  • Long term solution – dental implants are the long term solution to missing teeth or damaged teeth that cant be fixed.
  • High Success Rate – Long term success rate of dental implants is over 95% based of scientific studies.
  • Anesthesia services – from conscious sedation to general anesthesia you can feel safe and be comfortable to have your dental implant care done.