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Crowns and Bridges: Restore Your Smile

When it comes to successful dental treatments using a crown or a bridge, every step of the process is critically important. All of our crowns and bridges are made in-house at our digital dental lab, allowing for beautiful restorations and predictable long-lasting results.

What's the difference between a crown and bridge?

Why are patients choosing Dr. Atcha?

How easy is the process?

How much are crowns & bridges?


An effective solution to restoring damaged and broken teeth to full form. Natural-looking, custom-made crowns and bridges by Dr. Irfan Atcha can help you smile confidently. 

What's the Difference Between a Crown & Bridge?

 Crowns – also known as caps – are fixed over the surfaces of natural tooth structures or dental implants. Bridges are used to fill in the gaps left by missing teeth and are anchored in place by the natural teeth or crowns nearest the empty space. Both crowns and bridges are non-removable and must be cemented in place. 

Breaking Down Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are an effective solution for replacing structure, function, and esthetics of damaged or missing teeth. At New Teeh Chicago, our skill and technology make both crowns and bridges a very safe and reliable method of smile restoration.

If you find that you’re facing any of these challenges, we can help!

  • Decayed or weakened teeth
  • Broken or worn-down teeth
  • Misshapen or discolored teeth
  • Covering dental implants
  • Enhancing your smile
  • Holding a dental bridge in place

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a crown or bridge right for me?

If you have a tooth that is damaged or decayed, but still intact, a dental crown may be right for you. If your tooth is missing, but its former position is surrounded by other tooth structures, a bridge may be the solution for you. Schedule an office consultation to determine whether you could benefit from crowns or bridges.

What should I expect when I have my crown or bridge placed?

If you are a candidate for a crown or bridge, your teeth will be reduced to ensure a proper fit. An impression will then be taken of your bite and used to fabricate a mold for the crown or bridge. If you are choosing porcelain prosthesis, its color will be matched to the natural shade of your other teeth. If a dental lab is making your crown or bridge, you may be fitted with a temporary restoration until the permanent one is ready for placement.

Do I need to follow any post-treatment care guidelines?

Your teeth will need time to heal following the crown and bridge placement process, so it is normal for you to experience some sensitivity – especially to hot and cold. Additionally, you may experience soreness in the gums surrounding your restorations, though this is usually manageable with ibuprofen and should subside within a few days. 

Before and After crown/bridge Placement

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The No-Prep Process

Are you ready to redefine your smile and step into a world where dental perfection meets unparalleled technology? Welcome to New Teeth Chicago’s veneer experience – a harmonious blend of cutting-edge advancements and artistry.

Imagine a world where the journey to a flawless smile is swift, precise, and tailored just for you. That’s what we offer:

Precision Perfected

No more gooey molds or multiple visits. With our state-of-the-art Digital Imaging and 3D Scanning, we capture an accurate blueprint of your teeth in minutes. Every curve, every edge, meticulously recorded.

See to Believe

Ever wished you could preview your transformed smile? Our Virtual Smile Design isn’t magic, but it’s close. Witness the transformation before it happens. Your smile, your terms.

One Visit Transformation

Thanks to our integrated CAD/CAM Technology, long waiting times are history. Crafted with precision and speed, your custom crown or bridge can be ready in significantly less time.

Perfect Shade, Every Time

No guesses, no approximations. With Digital Shade Matching, we ensure that your restoration complements your natural teeth, striking the right balance in color and translucency.

Minimal Invasion, Maximum Impact

Modern techniques mean less discomfort, less drilling, and more preservation of your natural tooth. Our Minimally Invasive Prep Techniques ensure the integrity of your tooth while creating space for your impeccable veneers.

At New Teeth Chicago, your dream smile isn’t just possible; it’s a streamlined, precise, and tailored experience. Why settle for the ordinary when the extraordinary awaits? Transform your smile, transform your life. Join us in the revolution of smile perfection.

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How long does a crown or bridge last?

Dental crowns and bridges typically last between 5 to 15 years with proper care and maintenance. Some tips for caring for dental crowns and bridges include brushing twice daily, flossing daily, avoiding hard food items, using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, limiting sugary foods.

How much does a crown or bridge cost?

All-porcelain crowns can range between $800-$3,000 To get a clear idea of the cost, it's best to reach out to our dental staff. They can look at what specific type and size of restoration is right for you and give you a detailed cost.

Insurance and Financing

We have several financing choices to match your budget. Most of our third-party lenders approve 4 out of every 5 applications. Plus, we take most insurance plans.

Patients Visit Us from All Around the World

Dr. Atcha has over 25 years of experience and has successfully surgically placed and restored well over 15,000 dental implant cases over the course of his 25 years of experience. 

At New Teeth Chicago Dental, we provide hope to people of all ages and walks of life. We have over 40,000 fans following us across our social media pages and have seen patients traveling across the globe for our expertise. We look forward to helping you achieve a radiant smile through any of our life-changing procedures.

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