Patient Stories

50,000 plus patients trust us with dental implants

We could tell you about our patients’ excellent care, but we know that they can do a much better job. Below we’ve provided a selection of statements from our patients speaking about their positive experience with us.

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Jackie's Story

“Other dentists told me there’s no way because if you’re missing any bone at all forget it.” Dr. Atcha did upper and lower all-on-four implants for Jackie 12 years ago and has continued to take care of her with regular cleanings every six months. Jackie says, “He’s very caring, and I just, I would never even think about going any place else”.

Naomi's Story

“When I found out none of my teeth would actually be worth saving or going through more partials, I didn’t feel good about myself.” Dr. Atcha removed the bad teeth and gave her a permanent set of teeth on the top and bottom using all-on-four implants. “I woke up with teeth, straight teeth. I couldn’t stop smiling”.

Laura's Story

“I had many years of different dental procedures done. I ended up with some sort of infection and the doctors in Syracuse could not help me and for months I had no upper teeth. I could not eat.” Dr. Atcha used zygomatic dental implants to restore the upper arch of teeth and was able to give Laura her smile back.

Robert's Story

“I’m a casual smoker, so I didn’t really take care of my teeth.” Dr. Atcha placed four implants for Robert, as well as veneers in between to completely remodel his smile. “It made a major difference in my life. I’m glad I came here.”

Jeff's Story

“I was afraid of the dentist. I wouldn’t go to the dentist in years. And I went to see Dr. Atcha and now I’m not afraid to go to the dentist anymore.” Dr. Atcha restored Jeff’s smile using upper and lower all-on-four dental implants. “I’m telling you, I had no pain, no pain at all…the doctor prescribed pain meds for me and I didn’t even have to take them.”

Lisette's Story

“I had gum disease and tooth decay.” Dr. Atcha helped Lisette by placing full upper all-on-four implants. Lisette’s story is unique because she is a younger patient and Dr. Atcha wants people to know that dental implants can be used for any age to restore a beautiful smile. “It was the best decision I’ve ever made.”