Mouth+Body Connection

Breaking News! Gum Diseases Can Cause Heart Disease!

The mouth-body connection underscores the intricate relationship between oral health and overall well-being. It is rooted in the understanding that the mouth is not an isolated entity but is integrally linked to the body’s systemic health. Oral conditions, such as periodontal disease and tooth decay, can have far-reaching implications beyond the oral cavity. To learn more about this relationship, watch the videos below:

Concept Overview

The video emphasizes the crucial connection between oral health and overall body health. Dr. Atcha highlights that the mouth is a living entity with nerves and blood vessels that connect to the entire body, including the heart and nervous system. Neglecting oral health, such as bacterial infections, gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral issues, can have significant repercussions on the body. These can lead to increased healthcare costs, hospitalizations, time off work, and the onset of other systemic diseases. 

Concept Explained

The video discusses the vital connection between oral health and the cardiovascular system. The speaker emphasizes that the heart is one of the most crucial organs in our body. An unhealthy mouth, characterized by periodontal disease, broken teeth, or infections, can lead to these infections traveling from the mouth to the heart through the circulatory system. Such infections can result in severe cardiovascular issues, including cardiac problems, vessel blockage, heart attacks, and hypertension. Both hypertension and cardiovascular diseases are closely linked to periodontal infections. 

Unhealthy Mouth / Digestive System

The video is the third installment in an educational series discussing the connection between oral health and the body. In this segment, the focus is on the endocrine system, particularly the pancreas. Dr. Atcha emphasizes that oral conditions, such as periodontal disease and tooth decay, can impact the endocrine system. Notably, many patients with advanced periodontal disease have a higher prevalence of diabetes and even pancreatic cancer. Both periodontal disease and diabetes are inflammatory diseases, and there’s a significant correlation between severe oral infections and the onset of diabetes. Studies also show that individuals with a history of severe oral infections have a higher risk of pancreatic cancer.

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