In-Office Digital Dental Lab

We’re proud to offer our full arch/jaw implant patients the advantages of our in office dental lab. Having a digital dental lab in our center allows us to provide a digital treatment/care workflow, better surgical and cosmetic experience, more customized and beautiful restorations, and predictable long-lasting results. New Teeth Chicago Dental Implants and it’s Alpha Technology Dental lab features a design station with CAD/CAM capabilities, a scanner, milling machine, face-hunter for a virtual patient and a 3D dental CT scan which we had for decades. This technology offers our patients numerous benefits including.

  • More personalized high, higher quality restorations
  • Better outcome of long lasting results
  • Shorter treatment time for our patients
  • Complete quality control from start to finish
  • Comprehensive Implant care in ONE location, ONE doctor, ONE team, ONE Fee