3 Reasons To Replace Missing Teeth

Portrait Of Young Man With Missing Tooth

If you are missing teeth, you might like to know three important reasons you should replace them.

What Are 3 Reasons To Replace Missing Teeth?

  1. Missing Teeth Can Change The Appearance Of Your Face
  2. Missing Teeth Can Affect How You Speak And Chew
  3. Missing Teeth Are More Expensive To Replace Later On

1. Missing Teeth Can Change The Appearance Of Your Face

You may think about how beaming with an open-mouth smile might reveal a missing tooth. But did you know missing teeth can impact the rest of your face? A missing tooth can cause the remaining teeth to shift towards the gap, which can result in some of the remaining teeth becoming crooked or misaligned. Missing teeth can also deteriorate the bone of your jaw, as a lack of stimulation can result in a decrease in bone density and volume. This deterioration of bone can also cause your nose and chin to become closer, and your lips to turn downwards into a perpetual frown. These changes to the lower half of your face can make you look older and unhappier, even when you are not showing your smile.

2. Missing Teeth Can Affect How You Speak And Chew

You may not think about it, but your tongue touches your teeth in certain ways to produce certain sounds, and this directly affects how you speak. If someone were to lose a tooth, they would notice a sudden difference in how they speak and how they sound. Consider how some children develop a lisp when they lose a tooth–the same can apply to adults with missing teeth as well. An empty gap in your smile also creates a risk whenever you chew and eat your food. If someone missing a tooth neglects to take smaller or more strategic bites, food can irritate their gums and cause pain. In these ways, a missing tooth goes beyond just aesthetics and can be a daily inconvenience as well.

3. Missing Teeth Are More Expensive To Replace Later On

If you’re indecisive about whether or not you want to replace a missing tooth, know that the decision is best made sooner rather than later. If the bone quality at the site of your missing tooth deteriorates, a dental implant can become more complicated and perhaps more costly. If you have one missing tooth as a result of neglecting your dental health, and you lose another, the process of replacing multiple teeth would be more expensive as well.

How Can A Dentist Replace A Missing Tooth?

If you are missing a tooth, your dental healthcare provider may recommend dental implants. Dental implants are tiny titanium posts that are surgically placed into the jawbone where there is a missing tooth or teeth. These metal anchors act as substitutes for the roots of teeth, which are then attached to artificial teeth and serve as a strong foundation for the replacements. Dental implants improve speech, comfort, and function; protect the healthy bone structure, and restore your smile.

For dental implants, your oral surgeon would consider a number of factors, such as how healthy your gum tissue is, the location of your nerves and sinuses, the strength and health of your jawbone, and your overall health. For patients in the Chicago area, you can rest assured you would be in good hands with Doctors Korompilas, Bouchelion, and Guyer. If you wonder if you are a good candidate for dental implants and have questions about the procedure, request an appointment today. Chicago Dental Implants is glad to serve patients with multiple offices throughout the Greater Chicago area, in Orland Park, Plainfield, Joliet, and Downers Grove.

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