Can You Benefit From a Tooth Extraction?

Removing the sick tooth from girls mouth

What Should You Expect After The Procedure?

The process of extracting a tooth can be scary for some patients. However, as previously mentioned there are a lot of benefits to extracting teeth. In the right circumstances, this procedure guarantees a beautiful smile. If you do undergo this procedure, there are some things you should keep in mind. After the procedure, dentists will control your bleeding by having you bite down into a gauze for about an hour. 

Swelling and pain are normal for the first few days. For these symptoms, the dentist recommends pain relievers and ice. Limiting your diet to lots of fluids and soft foods until chewing feels comfortable will help your mouth heal faster. Rinsing your mouth constantly will prevent further infections. If you follow your dentist’s recommendations your mouth will heal rapidly. 

What Are The Immediate Benefits Of A Tooth Extraction? 

When a tooth is irreversibly damaged or fractured your dentist will recommend a tooth extraction. People mistakenly believe that tooth extractions will only cause more pain and create more problems. However, when you remove the severely decayed tooth you are removing the root of the problem with the extraction. The pain and discomfort will be removed with the tooth almost immediately. This means you will be able to go back to your normal routine without any pain and enjoy all types of foods. 

How Does Extracting A Tooth Benefit Your Oral Health?

Extracting a tooth may prevent further damage to your mouth. Infections commonly happen around a decayed tooth if they are not treated in time. The infections can cause severe pain and uneasiness that may interfere with your normal routine. They can also spread to surrounding teeth and gums. For these patients, dental extractions are used to save their healthy teeth. 

How Does Extraction Help With Teeth Overcrowding? 

Some patients have overcrowding issues in their mouths. Commonly, overcrowding happens because of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth to appear. In fact, they usually appear until the ages of 17-25. When they do not have enough room to develop normally they grow incorrectly or not at all. This causes teeth alignment and other dental issues including: 

  • Unaligned bite
  • Difficulty opening and closing your mouth
  • Tenderness in the jaw 
  • Pressure, discomfort, or pain in the teeth due to overcrowding
  • Mild to severe pain 
  • Clicking or popping sound in the jaw

Due to the overlap of teeth, cleaning your mouth thoroughly might also be difficult which can result in issues like cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay. For these patients, teeth extraction will align their teeth, help reduce the probability of further complications,  and give them the smile they deserve. 

What Are Treatments Available For Teeth Extraction? 

For patients that want to replace their extracted tooth, there are various procedures available. At Chicago Dental Implants in Chicago, IL their medical team has 20 years of experience treating dental reconstructive cases and they are ready to provide you with the best treatment option. They can help you with several different types of dental implant procedures. For patients with severe tooth damage, the All-On-4 implants replace all your missing teeth on the upper or lower jaw using only four implants. This procedure has multiple benefits including aesthetic and functional. The implants are teeth colored and prevent deterioration of bone while increasing stability. 

Other solutions for missing teeth are fixed dental bridges and fixed dentures. Dental sedation is available for all patients to use if necessary. If you have severe pain and/ or already have a missing tooth you may the right candidate for dental implants. If you want to schedule an appointment with Chicago Dental Implants call (312) 951-8338.

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